January 16, 2020 Ray Nuñez

Build Your Branding Assets with These Fonts From Monotype

Fonts are the designer’s weapon of choice, they are vehicles for communication, they are glyphs for understanding; they are assets. Developing a robust asset library is critical for any creative’s career journey.

An essential for using your font library on commercial projects is ownership. Designers, freelancers, and agencies should have ownership of their assets before using them for commercial or resale use. Purchasing font bundles can be a HUGE expense, but we’re always hunting for a bargain deal and couldn’t help but share the MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle

Get Perpetual Access to 50 Fabulous Handcrafted Fonts From One of the Most Revered Typeface Companies

This package is loaded with great typefaces and lucky for us, it’s at a huge discount right now! This font library features exclusive rights to the Monotype library in all sorts of useful styles and weights. Shake up your font choices and give your clients a beautiful range of font selections in their next project. Each font in the library was uniquely designed by the experts over at Monotype and come in OpenType. 

Normally $199, the MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle is 74 percent off at just $49.99!

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