Meghan Kallman 2020

Meghan has served the residents of Pawtucket for the past four years and is now looking to move District 15 forward as a State Senator.

As designers, we have a responsibility to make the world a more accessible, inclusive, and educated place. While we focus most of our work around branding businesses and organizations, we occasionally change course to brand the people that are making the world a better place. Our good friend Meghan has been a champion for Pawtucket and is now seeking to represent Rhode Island’s 15th District as State Senator. When we heard her announce her campaign, we knew we had to donate our time and talent to lead her to victory.

Let’s be real, political campaign branding and websites are WACK. No one is inspired by a Wix website. No one is moved by boilerplate copy. No one remembers a dull logo. And absolutely no one is motivated to get involved with local politics by politicians and campaigns that are dated, tired, and lack creativity. Take a look at and let us know what you think of her fresh new brand.

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